Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mission Life- Week 1

Here is Bubba's first letter to family and friends from his LDS mission. It was his first week in the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. He will be serving a two year mission in Washington DC.

Hey everyone!! My first week at the MTC has been so amazing! My district is amazing, I love all the elders and sisters. Elder Francis and Belliston are my companions. We have some awesome times and have a room to ourselves, our zone leaders nicknamed our room the Penthouse. On a spiritual note, this has been one of the best weeks ever. The spirit is super strong here! We've been teaching quite a few investigators and I've really been learning the importance of relying on the spirit when teaching. Every investigator is different and if you listen to the spirit, you'll know what they specifically need to hear. On Sunday night we had a devotional and Elder Quinten L. Cook  spoke! The best part was that all 12 apostles were there! As soon as they stepped in the room the spirit was overwhelming, the power they carry with them can move mountains! The church is true guys! Everyone go on missions! It's amazing, I can't believe the experiences I've already had and I've only been here a week.
"I always get to where I'm going by walking where I've never been."
-Winnie the pooh 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I legit expect to be sainted when I die just for having to deal with boy scouting. This morning, I got a call and email reminder that Bubba has his Eagle board of review tonight and to make sure we have everything. I remembered that he still had to write his little paragraph on what he wants to be when he grows up, but he could do that right after school. What I did forget however, were the letters of recommendation needed. Why is this even a requirement? Anyway, I start panicking on who we can get to bust out some letters really quick and Butch is all annoyed because clearly our kid doesn't care enough about this to have already done it. So I text him at school and tell him to contact a couple of people. I'm impressed that he actually did it. I gave him a couple of ideas of who to ask, but he actually contacted them, and by like 2:30 pm he already had two and another one on the way. He gets home from school and starts getting his uniform together and we realize he has to wear Dad's shirt because his is-no joke- a youth large. We have to try to find the right colored epaulettes for the shoulder thingys and remove the Cubmaster patch (which is stuck on with badge magic so we're talking a serious amount of Goo Gone and scrubbing). One of the troop number patches is the wrong number, but they said that would be okay. So now it's in the wash to hopefully get the Goo Gone residue off. I also had to add like seven badges to his sash.

I also washed and vacuumed the Jeep, got gas, went to the library and store, paid bills, talked to Dish Network on a 3-way call with B, ordered tickets for the temple open house, printed off homework and started reading my cousin's novel as a beta reader. The list of things I need to do is endless-trip laundry, unpacking, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, returns to 3 different stores, get a new windshield for the van, get the van detailed to sale, clean the kitchen... etc.

Those things will not get done today. Things I am for sure not doing today-make dinner.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Pig Sty

Let me start off by saying that boys are total slobs. At least mine are. I really hope other boys are too or I'm going to feel like a failure. During the school year our house gets messy like anyone else's, but during the summer it seems like it gets even worse. I went in the kitchen today and started noticing things left out so I decided to make a list. On the table I found:
-Half eaten slice of pizza
-Arts and crafts bucket with various materials scattered all over the table
-Dirty chimichanga plate with sour cream container next to it
-Empty cereal bowl
-2 empty soda cans
-2 empty glasses the soda was poured into
-Tupperware full of Goldfish crackers
On the kitchen counter:
-Chimichanga wrapper
-Ramen wrapper
-Clean dishes from a halfway done dishes job
As well as an open dishwasher with a few dirty items placed in it from said half done dishes job.
On the floor:
-2 pairs of shoes at bottom of the stairs
-2 pairs of shoes by the backdoor
-3 pairs of shoes behind the couch
-1 dirty sock behind the couch
-1 dirty sock on couch from being thrown at younger brother

I might just lose my mind. And of course I'm walking around picking most of this crap up because heaven forbid anyone else should do it or should listen to me when I remind them for the 300th time to pick it up. It's like a conspiracy. "If we leave it long enough, Mom will get sick of it and clean it herself." So please, if you see me running away from home screaming, don't tell my family.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Best Mom Ever

This guy had his wisdom teeth out yesterday. I was not sedated when I had mine removed so I had no idea how wonderful it is to talk to someone when they come out of it. He told me I was a race car driver on the way home, walked into the house as a dinosaur, called his best friend and told her his favorite person is Jesus. Overall, it was amazing.

Now to get to the post title... So obviously he couldn't eat anything yesterday (though he did finally have some mashed potatoes last night over the course of an hour) so I made him shakes all day. Like literally all day. He does cross fit and is on a higher protein diet so I made a high protein yogurt smoothie, then a couple hours later made a protein powder shake, then another yogurt smoothie, then before bed an ice cream shake. Today he took 20 min. to eat eggs for breakfast and I made him another smoothie. I made him a protein shake before we took Coco to his football jamboree. He did manage to eat a few fries for lunch and I just made yet another smoothie. So I love this kid more than life, but I'm spent. I've kept track of all his meds for him and made him shake after shake and mashed potatoes and I'm tired. He has at least thanked me several times. But he's in the playroom a lot playing video games so I've been up and down the stairs every stinking time. (At least I've been getting my steps in).

I got up at 6:30 am yesterday, took him to the oral surgeon, came home, then drove back again because he started bleeding again, back home, over to cross fit so he could say hi to everyone, 20 min up the road for a burger that I was craving (because by this time I was hangry), Target to return something, home again, to the doctor to see if my toe was broken still from like 3 months ago, to the grocery store for mac and cheese for Bubba, home to pick up Coco for football practice, home until I had to go back and get Coco (sat there for 30 min. because they went over time), home until I had to get JP from his friend's house at 11 pm. I was so done. But my awesome husband was camping with scouts this weekend so I was the lone chauffeur. Today my schedule consisted of driving more than 30 min. to get downtown to the stadium for Coco's jamboree game, wait around for an hour and a half until they finally played for their 12 minute turn, Sonic (in the opposite direction of the quickest way home), home on the freeway and on the highest traffic road in the state, didn't even turn the car off because JP wanted me to pick up two friends and drive them to the fair, and finally home again.

Then I asked Bubba if he needed anything (meaning a pain pill) and he responds, "Oh yeah, a shake would be great." So I go downstairs, make the shake and as I go to take it to him, Butch (who is finally home from camping) says, "Hey if you're going upstairs and coming back down, can you get me some eye drops? My eyes are killing me." So I'm pretty much at least one of the top five moms on the planet right now.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rough Day

So Coco has some dairy sensitivity issues. He's been drinking almond milk since he was a little guy, but used to be able to handle other dairy. Not so much now. After a long conversation with a lactose intolerant friend, I decided to try giving him a Lactaid anytime he wanted any dairy. It has helped immensely. Unfortunately, I didn't have any in my purse the other night and he had a cheese quesadilla while we were out at dinner. I completely forgot by the time we got home to give him one. He was fine that night and I didn't even think about it. The following night for dinner, he had a casserole that was full of sour cream and cheddar. Again, I didn't even think anything of it. Until he woke up in the middle of the night throwing up. Fortunately he's at the age now where he makes it to the toilet 99% of the time. He went back to bed, but threw up again in the morning. And again. And again. Poor guy threw up all day long. I thought maybe it was a flu bug, but he had no other symptoms. Then I remembered that he had all that dairy. Mom fail. By late at night, he hadn't eaten or had anything to drink. He tried some saltines and Sprite, but proceeded to throw that up fifteen minutes later. By Wed. morning, I was worried he was dehydrated so I got him some Powerade and he was able to keep that down. By the time we went to a party last night, he wanted watermelon, cookies, chicken, rice. I decided to make him take it slow, but he's completely fine now. Rough life when you're tummy is sensitive to dairy.

JP was out all day yesterday riding bikes with his friends downtown, doing cool teenager stuff and probably hunting Pokemon guys. So he met us at the party. Unfortunately, his back brakes were loose on his bike and he took a nasty spill over his handle bars right before we got there. So I dropped everyone else off and took him home to clean him up. He landed on his elbows and one side was missing skin almost to the bone. He hit his chest and was struggling with breathing and was worried he'd broken a rib. He also hit his hip hard. I was panicked when I started looking at everything and he was going into shock because he was in so much pain. Dad got home to talk me down from the ledge because I really wanted to take him to the ER. But really, what could they do? He didn't hit his head, if a rib was bruised, they can't do anything about it. He's doing better today. His elbows have stopped burning and throbbing. His chest still hurts really bad, but that's probably going to hurt for months if something got bruised. But he's really become a tough kid so I know he'll be fine.

Here's to a better day today!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Boys' Life

I watched a show about UFOs last night with Coco. I was in the kitchen working on dinner when he says matter-of-factly, "Aliens are real." That kid cracks me up. He is a boy after my own heart. He believes in Big Foot, aliens, Loch Ness monster, the lost city of Atlantis and he's on the fence about ghosts. I don't want to freak him out so whenever he asks if ghosts are real, I always tell him that some people believe they are. But he's seen enough creepy stuff on Ghost Hunters with me that I think he believes.
He also loves watching any show that delves into unknown mysteries and legends. He loves Expedition Unknown (and was rather annoyed that I deleted the vampire episode before he could watch it). He totally gets into shows where they are hunting for pirate treasures, Robin Hood, King Arthur, etc. And because he spent more time with me at home before going to school than the other boys, he knows a lot of random facts. We had lots of conversations in the car about anything and everything. He told his brothers one day how you would technically pronounce a local street name here since it actually used to be called Chinese Garden. None of them believed him until they asked me. He likes to randomly tell people things like that. I love that he enjoys learning new things.
And the kid seriously has the most accurate English accent of any non-British kid I've heard. It's hilarious. He's good at pronunciation and other accents as well. 

Peanut, on the other hand, loves any TV show where they build something or remodel something. He has such an engineering sort of mind. He loves puzzles and Legos and you can almost see the wheels turning when he is concentrating on something. He's my quietest boy for sure. If he's alone in the car with you, you'd never know he was there. He doesn't ask a thousand questions like Coco or tell random stories like his other brothers. I saw a movie with just him the other night and he didn't laugh or make a sound, but after the movie told me he thought it was a really funny movie. I never have any idea if that kid is enjoying something. It's a little weird since it's totally opposite from the rest of the family. He can be loud for sure when his brothers are teasing or attacking him, but other than that, he's a quiet one.

And then there's JP. I'm not sure what he's really into other than video games lately. But he's started eating a lot before bed just like Bubba. Last night we realized it was starting when he finished the spaghetti noodles with nothing but cheddar cheese on them and then had a bowl of ice cream right after. The scary thing is that he was always my best eater as a baby. He ate three jars of baby food at every sitting and still nursed and had baby cereal. He seems to be pretty in to Star Wars stuff lately since he saw number seven twice. He spent all of his Christmas money on one Lego set from the movie. 

Bubba eats non-stop, has grown another inch in the last month, and is driving. He and Coco are the loudest children for sure. I shushed him today after school when he was right next to me telling me something rather loudly. His reply, "I'm using my inside voice." Not really, son. Not really. He's in to snowboarding lately and almost his entire Christmas list consisted of equipment he wanted/needed. He joined ski club and will have his first competition this Saturday. He's getting gigantic-huge feet and hands, getting taller. He's definitely a man-child now. He enjoys pointing out how short I am now since he has a whole two inches on me. He's very lovey with me, which is also great. I always worried my boys would stop liking me when they became teenagers, but it seems like they like me more now. Dad used to be the cool one, now it's Mom. 

I love my boys. I love being a mom of all boys. I love watching them play baseball and football. I love that they love 80's music, techno and Flogging Molly. I love that I can impress them with my loud soda belches. I love that they think I'm cool and tough and strong. I love that they missed me profusely when I went to Ireland for a week and California for several days without them. And that they were worried the house might explode without me here or that Dad might not do things right. But I also love my Labor Day weekend every year when my boys all go camping and the house is completely silent and I can watch twelve different chick flicks and eat ice cream for breakfast and sleep until noon. 
I'm definitely one lucky girl to have five amazing guys in my life. And they treat me like the Queen. Bubba even said, "Your Highness" the other night (and not in a mocking way).

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mid-Life Crisis

I think I'm going through a mid-life crisis. Or maybe not, but something I go through every so often. I don't think it's related to my mood disorder either. I kind of wish it were though so I would have a better excuse. It's just that, sometimes I don't feel like me anymore. I was a different person back in college. I know what you're thinking, "weren't we all"? It's not like I was some crazy, out-of-control party girl or anything. I went dancing every weekend at actual dance clubs. Do they even have those anymore? Or just bars with music? I didn't go out drinking or anything like that, just dancing. But it was a huge part of my life. I've always loved music and dancing. I took dance as a little girl and all through high school. Senior year, I discovered there were places you could go listen to amazing music and do just that. I don't know why, but techno music has always spoken to me. In college, I would go dance for like three or four hours straight. Can you really see an almost 39 year old woman at a dance club? You would think, "Oh, how pathetic. She's trying to pretend she's still 21."
The problem-I still feel like I am inside. I've always been independent and had to grow up early due to my parents' divorce. So I don't feel like I had to mature or anything when I got married and started popping out kids. My body has just gotten older. Sure I probably couldn't go three hours without stopping, but I could definitely do it with a few water breaks. I'm not in shape anymore, but I still feel like I could do it.
This used to be me. The punk rock girl who had purple hair for a salon photo shoot once. The girl who practically lived in Dickies and a wife beater. The girl who had a "Mean People Rule" sticker on her car. The girl who danced all night, who didn't care what other people thought of her, who wasn't afraid to be her true self all the time, who wore funky clothes that didn't always match, who was a social butterfly. The girl with the tattoos. I miss that girl. Obviously the tattoos are still there, but the rest of her disappeared. I don't want to totally blame it on being a mom and feeling like I have to be a good example, but that is a part of it. Can you imagine if I showed up for church with an entire head of pink hair? And I definitely can't get any more tattoos. The problem is, tattoos are addictive. I told B yesterday that if I could, I would at least have one on my inner forearm and on my calf. Perhaps even another on my back. Why is it appealing to me you wonder? Everyone gets them because they think it makes them stand out or be different when really they're following the crowd? No, to me, I just plain like them. They're an outward expression of who I am. I could care less if other people thought they were "cool". In all honesty, if my kid wanted a blue mohawk or ended up with a tattoo someday, I wouldn't care. What you look like on the outside doesn't necessarily have anything to do with your spiritual well-being. My appearance wouldn't change that. But I feel like I have to live up to certain standards. I feel like I'm supposed to fit into a mold, be a good example to my kids. The person I am now is afraid of being judged. I prefer to be alone, sometimes have panic attacks. Every so often, I feel like I've disappeared and it makes me sad. And I don't know how to deal with it. So, if the characters in my books have tattoos, just know I'm living vicariously through them.